South Walton Photography by Kurt Lischka, Moon Creek Gallery, Grayton Beach FL


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Moon Creek Gallery Open In Grayton Beach, Florida

July 2nd, 2018

Moon Creek Gallery Open In Grayton Beach, Florida

There's a new gallery in Grayton Beach, Florida that features the fine art photography of Kurt Lischka.

Kurt has been capturing the beauty of the South Walton for more than three decades, sharing thousands of images online since founding Moon Creek Studios in 1998, and in 2004.

"Like many people I've been drawn to the shore my entire life. I love that every day, almost every hour is different. With the wind and sun and tides. The patterns of nature, the textures, the rhythm of SoWal is always different and yet always familiar," said Lischka.

Inside the gallery is a wide range of photos that represent the best of beach life - waves, sunsets, dunes, wildflowers, wildlife, environmentally sensitive landscapes and South Walton's rare coastal dune lakes. Gracing the walls also are abstact images that capture the interesting details and emotion of coastal life.

Images in the gallery are printed on fine art paper, canvas, metal, and wood and...